Lush Valentines Day Haul

Hiya my lovelies, today’s post is going to be about the valentine’s day range at Lush. As you know I am a sucker for bath bombs and anything lush related so as I found out after watching Tanya Burr’s lush valentines day I had to go straight to lush !! (EXCITED wasn’t even the word!) I am really fussy when it comes to scents I always go back to the “think pink bath bomb” because I adoreeee the sweet scent and the little heart confetti that comes out. I walked around the lush store looking for a scent that I would like and not picking the “think pink bath bomb”. I decided to focus on the valentine’s day range because obviously they are limited edition, from this range unfortunately I only picked up 2 products that I liked. Firstly,  I picked up “lonely heart bubble bar” ( this bubble bar can be used in 2 baths) the smell of this is absolutely divine it smells citricy but yet fruity at the same time. It has bergamot oil for uplifting and cleansing and it also has rose absolute for balancing and restorative. The second product I picked up was “the kiss lip scrub”  because obviously as the rest of you in winter my lips get very dry and cracked and this actually does the trick. The other thing that I liked about this product is that its got edible red hearts and hundred and thousands sprinkled on top (queue the excited inner child!) It has Sicilian Mandarin oil which is uplifting and refreshing, fair-trade organic cocoa butter which is softening and conditioning and fine sea salt which gently exfoliates and gets rid of dead skin around the lips. I’m going to stop boring you and let me show you the products:


photo 1-81

Lonely Heart


photo 2-80

The Kiss

photo 3

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OOTN: Evening Out

Hiya my lovelies, I’m finally back (Hooray!!) This is going to be sweet and short blog post about a OOTN (Outfit Of The Night). This is what I wore on Sunday to a family meal, I got a lot of compliments of what I was wearing so I decided to show you my outfit, here is the outfit :



 Shirt Dress: Asos

Leggings: H&M

Duster Coat: Topshop (SALE)

Necklace: Topshop (SALE)

Bag: H&M

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins in Outfit (SALE)

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Lord Aleems Vlogs : Part 2

Hiya , my lovelies, yes you guessed it right from the title I am writing part 2 of Aleems My Motherland Vlogs blogpost. Where do I actually begin from ? I guess the beginning right !!! Aleem went to Pakistan again to a family wedding and this trip wasn’t for too long it was only for 10 days (which then got extended.) You all must be wondering WHAT an absolute werido and why I would write a blogpost about Aleem ????? Well in fact I met Aleem along with thousands of other people at the Gumball Event in Manchester in September and hand on my heart I can actually say that Aleem is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, down to earth, very humble and really friendly. I got to meet him for 10 minutes and I don’t know about Aleem but we talked to each other like we knew each other for years and there was definitely banter ! Now all of you lot must be on the edges of your seat wondering what banter ??? Well ………. me and Aleem we got selfies and photos together and I said ” Aleem i’ll tweet you tonight” Aleem replied back with “you tweet me everyday anyway” and we both burst out laughing ! I watch all of Aleems vlogs religiously and on repeat and for him to say that he actually knew who I was it was the best thing EVERRRRRR ! Ok enough of that lets get onto talking about the My Motherland part 2 vlogs, even though this was a short period of time that Aleem visited Pakistan boy did I enjoy watching these vlogs I was hooked (you can ask my mother.) Like I said in the previous Lord Aleem blogpost I used to refresh my youtube page constantly along with twitter and instagram also Aleems snapchat stories are funny , when Aleem does send a snapchat story they are funny and very entertaining. If you know me personally Im the type of person that is NOT shy and can talk for England so when I met Aleem at the Gumball event I was talking for England and then after meeting him thats when it hit me that WOW , I’ve actually met Aleem, I can remember when my friend told me about Aleem last year and I was just amazed little did I know I would meet him at the Gumball event ! Yes I actually went off on a tangent there and waffled ( I’m sorry!) Anyway Im actually going to shut up!  Lets actually talk about the my Motherland vlogs, once again they’re were amazinggggg and all of Aleems cousins were hilarious ! Like Baran says they “chill chull latern patern ye wo” and all the vlogs showed the beauty of Pakistan and in Vlog 53 Aleem took us the viewers along to that farmhouse and OH MY that farmhouse was phenomenal !!! Also the cinema room in vlog 54 it was like Aleem wasn’t in Pakistan and it felt like he was in England. Vlog 56 was soooooo funny I actually couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through it ! it was hilarious and my face was hurting so much after watching it, this vlog was really entertaining and I loved watching it although I loved each and every one of the vlogs. You all must think I’m crazy at this point but you need to watch Aleems vlogs and then just like me you’ll be addicted !  After watching ALL (yes thats right all!)  of Aleems vlogs my urdu has improved 100% , I can actually talk with confidence in urdu however before when someone used to speak to me in urdu I used to answer back either with a yes or no.  My knowledge for cars have increased by a mile thats why I’m actually struggling to which car to buy next (when I do buy another car.) All my family and friends watch him and I tell my mother that Aleem retweets and favourites my tweets but my mother doesn’t get the whole twitter concept so she tells everyone that Aleem talks to Hafsah (bless my mums cotton socks) I think my mother is more obsessed with Aleem then I am, we will constantly talk about Aleem in this household and I talk about him as if I’ve known him for years. You ALL need to watch Aleems my Motherland vlogs along with his other vlogs ! Here are the pictures of the amazinggggg Pakistan trip Aleem had :


Meeting Aleem at the Gumabll event in Manchester

photo 1-77

“chill chull latern patern ye wo” Barans famous line

Vlog 52: My Motherland Part 2

Aleem goes to Pakistan

photo 2.PNG-9


photo 4.PNG-8

Aleem and the gang at the farmhouse (Lahore)

Vlog 53: My Motherland Vlogs Part 2 (Lahore)

photo 5.PNG-7

Aleem in Pakistan

photo 1-78

From left to right: Hamdan, Aleem, Ahmad bhai, Baran and Deen

Family Wedding

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 15.33.54

Cinema Room

Vlog 54: My Motherland Part 2 (Fog)

photo 3.PNG-8

Ahmad Bhai, Deen, Baran and Aleem

photo 4-48

Aleem’s on his way to Lahore

Vlog 55: My Motherland Part 2 : Lahore

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 16.36.36

Aleem with Amir Khan

also in Vlog 55 : My Motherland Part 2 : Lahore

photo 5-40

Aleem in Lahore


Hamdan, Deen, Baran, Ahmad Bhai and Aleem at Faisal Masjid (Islamabad)

Vlog 56: My Motherland Part 2: Islamabad

Hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost about Aleem

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Party Look Book

Hiya my lovelies, todays post is going to be a party look book. As you know its Christmas Eve and the christmas parties have all finished from work do’s to having parties at your friends or even hosting parties, so I decided to do a new years party look book. I will create 3 looks which will feature high street products and 1 look which will be high-end for all the designer lovers, in total there will be 4 party looks. The 4 looks will all feature dresses so you can look classy and elegant at the same time.  Parties are all about having a nice time , glamorous outfits and looking pretty!  So here are the 4 looks:

LOOK 1 :

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 21.37.51

All Black E’rything look

LOOK 2 :

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 20.54.33

Classy not Trashy Look


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 21.41.11

Sophisticated Look


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 21.34.42

Hostess with the mostess look

Carry on reading my blog as I have some excited blogposts coming your way which both genders will love ,spread the word !

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Winter Look book

Hiya my lovelies, todays post is going to be a winter look book. This blog post is going to feature the winter essentials and also an insight of what I have been swooning over this year and also what’s on my wish list for this year. Hopefully I can bag it in the Christmas sales !!! I was on a hunt to find a perfect coat this year and yes I found one (you can see the coat I bought in a shopping haul blog post) the products that will be featured on this blog post are from various high street stores. I will create 4 looks and try to keep in mind the simple, oversized and minimalist look that I have been loving. This year I have completely changed, last year  I used to love wearing colour and now I’m SCARED of wearing colour ! Yes you red that right scared. I have been loving monochrome  and the all black erythinggggg look everyone can rock that look ! Currently I am swooning over a camel coloured coat so I will include that too ! Here are my 5 winter looks:


Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 00.45.50

50 Shades Of Grey

LOOK 2 :

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 00.46.06

A Day Out Shopping


Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 00.46.19

The Swoon Over Outfit


Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 00.46.34

Stylish Outfit

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A Tad Late November Favourites 2014

Hiya my lovelies, as you can see I am FINALLY doing a November favourites (hooray !!!!) Sorry last months favourite is a tad late that’s because (yes I have a valid reason !) I had deadlines before Christmas at university so I was just doing ALL my work. Now you’re all going to be stuck with me for 6 weeks because fingers crossed I am going to try to do blog posts quiet often for 6 weeks (praying it works.) Just to let you all know that there won’t be a December favourites (don’t be disappointed) there is going to be an end of year favourites instead so I will be showing you all what I have loved for 2014. Lets keep things short and simple and get to the point , these are my November favourites.


photo 1-76

The Chanel Vita Lumère Aqua is the perfect foundation for me. The coverage is build able and gives a very “your skin” looking finish! It gives a flawless base for me after buffing it in with the real techniques buffing brush and for all of you who don’t like heavy foundations then I would defo 100% recommend this foundation (I’m sure I’ve said this before !) To achieve the flawless look I apply all my makeup and then set my makeup with the Urban Decay Setting spray (it’s a marriage made it heaven!) I also love using this foundation as an everyday foundation as its perfect!

photo 2-77

This is the Sephora lip last in natural pink. It’s a perfect colour its like your lip colour ! I used this colour through out the month of November as this colour is so easy to chuck on and just makes your lips look better. Even when having them no makeup days all I had to do was chuck this on. The only problem is that it is very drying but the colour is very pigmented ! If you’re all wondering where I purchased this Sephora lip last from, it was when I went to Dubai !


photo 4-47

This coat OMG !!!! As soon as I saw it I had to have it, as my new love for monochrome and something plain and simple this coat was perfect. You all saw this coat in my shopping haul and OMG I have been LOVINGGGGGG this coat !!! I’ve been wearing it every day and it just stylish  (not that I am stylish !) I have also been getting A LOT of compliments from people asking where my coat is from. It’s also the perfect length just below your knee, as you know all the celebrities have been wearing coats like that especially Kim K !

photo 5-39

These Zara loafers when I saw them on the internet I was like WOW ! When I went into store and saw them I was 50/50 they have a patent finish to them so I was not too sure. But when I tried them on I was like I NEED to get them for an everyday pair of shoes. These are the most comfortable shoes I ever own (its like I’m walking on air !) These are amazing and are just the perfect loafers you can have in your shoe collection !


photo 3-66

All I am going to say about this is that it is NUTELLA !!!! This has been in a previous monthly favourites but my addiction just doesn’t stop ! Literally I grab a spoon and just eat the nutella out of the jar like there’s no tomorrow ! It is heaven ! And for those of you that are saying ewwww right now you’re actually missing out on the BEST thing ever !

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 18.25.45

This white-hot chocolate from Costa is DIVINE !!! This is a must but the only down fall is that Costa only has this at the time of Christmas each year (they should make it a permanent drink all year round !) When you buy this white-hot chocolate ALWAYS get it with cream and the cherry sauce and if it excites you, you get edible gold stars on top! The perfect combo with this is the milk chocolate cookie (this is also available through out the winter ) which is a downer but you have to make the most of it . Get the two things together so you can dunk the milk chocolate cookie in the white-hot chocolate and vola its the perfect combination ! At uni I went on about this drink so much that my teacher thought I worked for Costa (unfortunately I don’t guys !) But I should defo be an ambassador


I’m not even going to say anything this time ! My whole family know how obsessed I am with Aleem and yes he’s in my November favourites too ! He can be in my favourites every month ! I just can’t help it . My family is sooooo cool that well have discussions about Aleem and they all watch his vlogs too ! All I’m going to say is hit that link and defo watch him and you’ll get addicted like me !


November Favourites !

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Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Hiya my lovelies, todays post is going to be about cleaning your makeup brushes. This is a really cheap way to clean your makeup brushes and you won’t need any high-end products like the “Shu Uemura brush cleanser” or the “Mac brush cleanser”. The things you will need are cheap and you can find them at your local corner shop.


photo 2-73

A set of dirty makeup brushes

Johnson Baby shampoo

Bowl of water

photo 3-62

Add the shampoo into the bowl of water and stir

photo 4-45

Swirl your brushes around in the soap water and repeat the process with all your makeup brushes

photo 5-35

Your makeup brush should look like this

Tip – rinse your brush in the shampoo water and shape the brush whilst it’s still wet

photo 1-73

After you’ve washed all your makeup brushes get a bowl of warm water and swirl your brushes again in this water to remove any access that has been left on the brushes

photo 2-74 photo 3-63

Get tissue roll and place tissue roll on a surface. I used 4 sheets of tissue roll. I folded the 4 tissue rolls in half to create a double layer

photo 5-37 photo-33

 Lastly, leave your makeup brushes to dry overnight so you wake up to nice to clean makeup brushes !

Heres a before and after:


Mostly all of my makeup brushes are Real Technique. I have found that they are really good quality and are good to wash because they are synthetic brushes. If you would like to purchase these brushes here are the links:



Feel Unique:

Or you could watch Viviannadoesmakeup YouTube tutorial on how to clean your makeup brushes:

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