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Hiya my lovelies, from the title you may think this is a CHEESY blog post but I promise you it’s not. I have had people ask me the same questions over and over again with “how did you start your blog?” and “what do you write about on your blog?” well the answer to these questions are that I started my blog because I had a lot of free time and I wanted to share with you readers out there what I love, what I have bought so on and so forth (I’m sure you get the drift!) And what do I write about on my blog? I write something that would intrigue the reader and something that I am passionate about and as cheesy as this sounds I write blog posts from my heart, I have noticed this is when it goes well. I am also going to share with you the 5 GOLDEN RULES/TIPS ON BLOGGING SUCCESS, so lets begin:

1) Always have a catchy title so your readers will be intrigued and they will be interested in reading your blog posts.

2) When writing blog posts always write as if you are talking to someone in person, you don’t want to go on and on but this is what people like reading ! They don’t like the big words. Get straight to the point.

3) Take good pictures ! The best way to take good pictures is by using natural daylight ! Yes I know here in England we don’t have sunshine everyday but we have to make the most of it and if there is sunshine find the perfect spot and snap away !

4) Give good advice to your readers so that your readers built a trust in you! A perfect example for this is the two amazing Youtubers. My makeup goddesses and the people I trust before buying any new makeup products are Lily Pebbles and Viviannadoesmakeup. Yes I have said there names so many times but I feel like I trust their opinion and if I go buy a product I will be happy with the product. If you don’t watch them on YouTube you seriously need to start watching them.

5) My last tip is advertise your blog on social media sites and join blogging conversations, this can lead you to finding new bloggers and also they invite you to the blogging community and blogging events.


This is my 5 golden rules/tips to blogging !

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2 thoughts on “I Heart Hafsah’s Blog

  1. This a great post, epecially for new bloggers. I particularly like point no 2; when I read posts, I prefer the easier to read ones, than the ones filled with long words!

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