February Favourites 2015

Hiya my lovelies, todays blog post is going to be a February favourites (how many times have I said “todays blog post is going to be ……” countless of times) I’m on a roll and have been giving good content (I think) and producing blog post quite often this month. This month I have been buying a lot of new beauty products and I am going to tell you about them. I’ve not been to keen on clothes but its all about the beauty about the beauty no clothing (see what I did there ??) yes I try to be funny but most of the time it fails ! These are my monthly favourites (p.s. I have included 4 beauty products this month)


photo 1-85

St Ives Apricot Scrub- This scrub is so ideal for me due to having sensitive skin, I have used this every single day without fail after purchasing this through out this month. I use this to double cleanse and take my makeup off so my face is spot free. The tiny exfoliating beads work wonders and leaves you skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.

photo 2-84

Lip Scrub – This lip scrub was a limited edition one for Valentines Day from Lush ! This product works wonder it removes all the dead skin and leaves your lips soft. Basically it does what its set out to do. As you can you see this product has been well-loved and I have used it every single day without fail !

photo 5-44

Mac 217 Brush – This Mac 217 OMG if this came in a set just of Mac 217 brushes I would buy the whole set ! It blends in your eyeshadow and concealer really well, like Lilly Pebbles says “use windscreen wiper motions to blend in”. Currently I am using this to blend in my concealer and it does the trick. I usually blend it in with this brush and then I pat my concealer in with my ring finger. This is one product I would definitely recommend to buy or invest in. I need to buy more !!!

photo 4-55

Real Techniques Buffing brush – This brush leaves your skin looking flawless. (“I woke up flawless”) the more you blend your foundation with this brush the more the foundation looks like your skin but better with a touch of glow. This came in a set and for high street brushes these are the best ones. If you’ve just started wearing makeup and you want to invest in good brushes these are the ones YOU need to buy !

photo 1-86

Bobbi Brown Blush – Slopes 17 – I wanted an everyday blush with no shimmer and again I have been using it non stop throughout the month of February! The camera doesn’t do this blush justice, the colour of the blush is a dusky rose and it is very pigmented and I have used this countless of times and still haven’t hit pan. A little of this blusher goes a long way although this blusher is build able.


photo 3-73

Dorothy Perkins Shoe Boots – I had my eye on these shoe boots as soon as they came out and waited till the Christmas sales to buy them. These heels are amazingggggg !!! I can walk miles in these also I could even run they’re just so comfortable. I’m so glad I bought them. Yes I walked in London with these on and my feet where absolutely fine.



London – London is the place to be. Whoever lives in London and is reading this blog post let me tell you I am one jealous girl. There’s so much things to do, your day just goes! The shops are open till late, you get more varieties there the list is endless but let me not bore you !  London is life !


App – Tube Map London Underground –  Before visiting London this time I was like oh no I have to get the tube but I’ve completely forgot how to read the tube map what am I going to do ???? This app was a life saver, you just type in the places you want to go from start to finish and it comes up with an itinerary explaining how many stops away, which stops you should get off and how long will the journey take. If you’re not a Londoner like me I defiantly recommend you get this app

photo 2-2

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