Mini London Beauty Haul

Hiya my lovelies, today’s post is going to be a mini beauty haul. I recently went to London (some of you may know from my previous post!) I wanted to pick up beauty products that are unique and that you can’t find locally so I did by research before I went. I had a long list but unfortunately some of the products where out of stock 😦 and I received horrible service from the MAC store in Covent Garden the sales assistant was very rude (I will not be going their again) however I am happy with the other products I bought. So let me show you the products :


photo 2-83

The first stop was hitting Topshop’s Beauty section on Oxford St and I heard that they stock things you wouldn’t  find anywhere. Thanks to Viviannadoesmakeup this mascara looked amazing and I heard really good reviews about it. There was no urming and aring before buying this, this mascara was sold to me straight away. The mascara is the Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara and I have used this once and it leaves your eyelashes amazing with high impact and also it leaves your eyelashes fluttering away.


photo 3-72

The other thing that was on my long list of beauty buys was repurchasing my Nars creamy concealer (yes I know you can buy this from Manchester too!) but whilst I was in Selfridges browsing I thought I might as well pick it up ! I told the lady to colour match me because I was previously given the shade Ginger and it didn’t look right, so the lady who was very helpful recommended honey. This concealer is amazing, I blend it in with my Mac 217 brush and also pat it in with my ring finger.


photo 1-84

 I found this really cute Bioderma in a pharmacy named Zest (which is on Berwick St)thanks to Lilly Pebbles who wrote about where you can buy Bioderma from around London. This size of Bioderma was so cute I just had to get it there was no option. It so ideal as its mini and travel size worthy.

photo 4-4

I had other things on my long list of beauty must have’s but unfortunately as you know Mac Soar and Spice lip liner is out of stock everywhere ! I probably went to every Mac counter in London and they said the same thing “sorry its out of stock”

Oh well! I am happy with the beauty products I did buy and hopefully next time I go I can find some treasured beauty must haves in London

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