London 2015

Hiya my lovelies, yes I have been doing the disappearing act haven’t I ? Well it is for good reasons I promise you! My saying is “only do something when you put a 100% in” and I don’t want to give you guys content that you will not enjoying reading! I like to please all of you from my different variety of blog posts. Last week I had the time of my life (I always say this whenever I go anywhere LOL!) I visited London from university to source fabric for a project that I have to do at university ! We had ALOT and I mean a lot that’s why I wrote it in capital letters free time. I think to have a good time anywhere in the world you have to spend money this can be £10 or even £100. I am going to tell you what I did in the three days whilst I was in London and how I fell in love with the city again which seriously felt like home!

DAY 1:

It was time to hit Oxford St along with Regent St ! Time to break the bank at Selfridges (that was the first stop) I did love Oxford St the only problem was it was school holidays so it was too too overcrowded unless it’s just me not being used to the BIGGGG crowds! After Oxford St it was time to go to Liberty’s (which was like a maze) it’s a really nice place just to browse and look at everything. The first day everyone gets so tired so me and my friend wanted to have a relaxed evening so we opted to go to a restaurant in Canary Wharf called Temple Lounge and this was really pretty because it was right outside the riverside !

photo 1-82

Selfridges on Oxford St

photo 2-81

Liberty’s On Regent St

photo 3-70

Oxford Circus tube station

photo 4-51

Temple Lounge Food

photo 5-42

Canary Wharf at night (looks so pretty)

DAY 2:

It was actually time to do fabric sourcing on Berwick St (off Oxford St) and WOW this street is amazing, the only downside is the prices which are sky-high and you can find the same fabrics elsewhere, this is where Goldhawk Rd (Shepherds Bush) came in handy, they had the same fabrics at the fraction of the price. Once we sourced fabric we decided to eat at a street food place called Imbli St which was nice, then the FUN part came ! It was time to hit Harrods and get fascinated by ALL the amazing stuff and just think to myself ONE DAY I will be able to afford things from here (Inshallah.) After going from other sides of London this is where we (I mean me and my friends) wanted to treat ourselves and go to a nice area to eat at night and have the time of our lives and ended up in Mayfair and WOW nice isn’t the right word it was AMAZINGGGGGGGG ! The place we went to was Mamounia Lounge

photo 1-83

Berwick St

photo 2-82

Imbli St

photo 4-52

The famous Old Harrods

photo 3-71

Laudrée  in Harrods

photo 5-43

Mamounia Lounge

DAY 3:

This was a very relaxed day because it was the last day 😦 the day consisted of visiting the design museum for an exhibition. After this was done it was a very relaxed day exploring Covent Gardens and a very sad goodbye to London and travelling back up north


Exhibition at the Design Museum

Burberry Beauty Store

The Burberry Beauty Store at Covent Garden

That was my amazing trip to London and I wish to visit London very very soon ! Hope you all enjoyed this blog post and me rambling on about how much fun I had

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