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Hiya my lovelies, from the title you may think this is a CHEESY blog post but I promise you it’s not. I have had people ask me the same questions over and over again with “how did you start your blog?” and “what do you write about on your blog?” well the answer to these questions are that I started my blog because I had a lot of free time and I wanted to share with you readers out there what I love, what I have bought so on and so forth (I’m sure you get the drift!) And what do I write about on my blog? I write something that would intrigue the reader and something that I am passionate about and as cheesy as this sounds I write blog posts from my heart, I have noticed this is when it goes well. I am also going to share with you the 5 GOLDEN RULES/TIPS ON BLOGGING SUCCESS, so lets begin:

1) Always have a catchy title so your readers will be intrigued and they will be interested in reading your blog posts.

2) When writing blog posts always write as if you are talking to someone in person, you don’t want to go on and on but this is what people like reading ! They don’t like the big words. Get straight to the point.

3) Take good pictures ! The best way to take good pictures is by using natural daylight ! Yes I know here in England we don’t have sunshine everyday but we have to make the most of it and if there is sunshine find the perfect spot and snap away !

4) Give good advice to your readers so that your readers built a trust in you! A perfect example for this is the two amazing Youtubers. My makeup goddesses and the people I trust before buying any new makeup products are Lily Pebbles and Viviannadoesmakeup. Yes I have said there names so many times but I feel like I trust their opinion and if I go buy a product I will be happy with the product. If you don’t watch them on YouTube you seriously need to start watching them.

5) My last tip is advertise your blog on social media sites and join blogging conversations, this can lead you to finding new bloggers and also they invite you to the blogging community and blogging events.


This is my 5 golden rules/tips to blogging !

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Superficial Existence- Mini Collection

Hiya my lovelies, I am going to tell you about my mini collection ! A sewing machine and a unpicked was my best friend, I was slaying away day at night to get my mini collection finished for my university project. My theme was luminescent (light, see through and very pastel like colours) and the title I came up with was Superficial Existence, I decided to create an oversized coat with ruffles and a swing dress with a see through panel neck line and at the bottom of the dress. The materials where very different to what I’ve sewed with before and funnily enough I would never ever sew with them materials again, they are a PAIN , they would just slim and it was very hard to cut my pattern out ! Before I get too annoying and ramble on about how the material was a pain, let me show you the final products:


2015-04-28 09.29.07-2

2015-04-28 09.29.33-1

2015-04-28 09.31.38

2015-04-28 09.32.48

2015-04-28 09.35.55


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 17.51.20

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April Favourites 2015- The Beauty Edition

Hiya my lovelies, I am finally back (Hoorayyy!) I bet you’re getting bored with reading the same sentence over and over again, but this time I promise you I am back ! Today’s blog post is going to be April Favourites with a twist to my other ones, this one is a beauty edition. Over the past month I’ve been loving beauty products so I thought I would share them with you! I am apologise first due to some of these items are out of people’s price range and some of these products are hard to get hold of in England. Here is what I’ve been loving :


photo 1-93

Make Up Forever HD Foundation in N125- Whilst this is in the bottle it looks too dark for my shade but once I blend this into my face it matches perfectly. Although this a heavy based foundation and it’s not my ideal foundation for everyday because I love the dewy base I like using this foundation for occasions only ! This foundation is so good it covers everything and when taking pictures you’re face looks flawless.

photo 2-90

Nars Blush/Bronzer Powder duo in Orgasm and Laguna (Travel Size)- I wanted this so badly and I searched the whole of England for this but unfortunately my luck is always like this it was limited edition and out of stock ! I bought this from Sephora in New York (Union Square) and this duo is fantastic it is so pigmented and a little last a long way and because of this being travel size it is perfect !

photo 4-60

Topshop Highlighter in Gleam- This highlighter is soo good and it is a dupe for the Nars Multiple Stick in Copacabana and yes this is probably a fraction of the price. As you can see it is well-loved and I have to use it every day it just finishes of my makeup, also another tip is I used it as a cream eyeshadow and it looked great.


photo 3-78

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow quad in Dolce Vita- This palette does everything for you ! It is so pigmented and also you can create so many different looks with just these four colours from a day to-night look and an amazing brown smoky eye with a nude lips looks mesmerizing. This is one product that I would defo save up for a splurge and it is defo worth buying it.

photo 5-48

Fairy Drop Scandal Queen Mascara- I got my hands on this amazing mascara from Topshop Oxford Circus (so all you British readers it is available there and online !) This is such a good mascara and it was recommended by Viviannadoesmakup ! Sometime I don’t even curl my lashes and this mascara gives it the umphhh. This mascara is a wet mascara but dries in seconds and it is fantastic . I am defo going to buy another one



 Make Up Forever Aqua Lip in 2C- This lipliner is sooooo soft it glides onto your lips. It’s so creamy unlike some other lipliners I have. This is also Huda Beauty’s favourite lip liner which she mixes with a hundred thousand other lip products and this was on my Sephora shopping list when I went to New York so as soon as I saw it , it had to be chucked in the basket like there was no tomorrow. I know people from England (people like me) are so jealous of people who have Sephora but I would defo recommend getting this its a nudey pink although it is more on the orange side it does leave you’re teeth looking more yellow but you can work with this by putting less on ! Oh and if you fellow England people are wondering where we can buy this lip liner from you can buy this at IMATS if you are going this year or order it from the Sephora website!


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New York Sephora Haul

Hiya my lovelies, todays post is going to be a New York Sephora Haul (most of you probably guessed it by reading the title !) I hit the city of New York as a university trip and as you know when you’re in university you are classed as “adults” so you have A LOT of free time (that’s why I have put a lot in capital letters) so I decided to hit every Sephora I could find. I wanted to pick up products that you couldn’t find in England or that was very hard to get hold of , I went to one at least every single day. I was out their for 5 nights and went to one every single day (ooposieee) and things escalated really quickly and I ended up adding things to my basket like their was no tomorrow (I actually mean that) it was overwhelming because fellow England people who adore makeup and beauty like me will feel my pain because we don’t have Sephora’s in the England 😦 (queue the sad music) You should be asking me what did you not get ???? To be honest I’m surprised I never bought the whole of Sephora and had to resist temptation on the “travel size beauty products” that they had but I couldn’t resist and picked 2 perfect travel size products (I just thought I rather buy them and save money) I couldn’t control myself and had to splurge on beauty products, I just thought to myself you never know when you’re going to come back ! It’s all Lily Pebbles and Viviannadoesmakeup fault with their amazing beauty tips so I had to buy the products and OH MY if you are ever in New York or you live in New York (I envy you right now !) the best Sephora to go to is the Union Square one, it is massive and they have more stock available then other stores. I think if I lived in New York I would actually be bankrupt because I would actually go crazy with the beauty products ! Ok I’m going to stop rambling on about how brilliant Sephora is and show you the products:


photo 2-85

Tarte Amazonian clay 12 hour blusher in Blissful – I had to pick this up because it was recommended by a Youtuber either Lily Pebbles or Viviannadoesmakeup I’m not too sure ! They always explain the product to you and I trust their instincts and know that the product will be good. I did swatch this product in store and it’s a really nice peachy pink and very pigmented.


photo 2-86

Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in 2c – Ok as you know by now I have a reason for everything don’t I ! This was because Huda Beauty (youtuber) has this and it has its benefits!  It is waterproof and the lip colour is very natural and can also be used as a base for the lips also to  build on top with other colours. The lip colour is a rosy nude and it kind of reminds me of the Mac Lip liner Soar


photo 3-74

 Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – This was picked up whilst I was on the way to the to pay for my products. Sephora needs to stop doing travel size because its like you get hypnotised and you HAVE to pick products up ! I know you can buy this from England but I ran out of this so I thought I might swell stock up ! As I have said this previously so many times this is magic it gives your makeup the final touch and makes your makeup look flawless


photo 1-87

 Nars Lip pencil in Cruella and in Rikugien- I actually got these products for free because I never collected my birthday gift last year so I kind of got a really late birthday present. I have used these and they are pigmented and long-lasting. I also know that the Lip liner in Cruella is loved by Viviannadoesmakeup which is a BONUS ! Cruella is a velvet matte lip pencil and Rikugien is a satin lip pencil.

photo 3-75

Sephora Cream Lip Satin in 05 Infinite Rose – As you can see there is a recurring theme I always go for the pinks in any lip pencil/lip gloss. There was so many good reviews about this Sephora cream lip satin in 01 by many Youtubers like Amelia Liana, Lily Pebbles and Viviannadoesmakeup I knew by giving their wonderful expertise that this product should be good. I personally don’t suit red so I decided to pick up this amazing satin golden peach.


photo 4-56

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown – Again I have heard so many people rave about this product and after months and months of waiting I finally decided to jump the bandwagon and I added this to my shopping list at Sephora ! I have tried this product and it is amazing it gives a very natural effect to your brows which I absolutely love.


photo 5-45

Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm and Laguna – I searched and searched for this product in England as it is so idea. Whilst I was browsing around Sephora I saw this product and didn’t even have to think twice if this was going to go in my basket or not ! I originally picked up the actual size and then I saw their was a travel size which was perfect. I have got the orgasm blush and believe it or not I have never finished a blusher before but it’s actually finished (you can guess how much I use this product) its a two in one which is perfect and makes my life much easier which means I have to carry less things in my makeup bag !



photo 4-57

Elizabeth James in Nirvana White (rollerball)- I had to pick this up because this was so many beauty bloggers favourite scent and seen as you can get it only from America this accidentally went in my basket too. I bought this as a present for my mama (mum) and it is so long-lasting and a perfect handbag product.


photo 5-46

Elizabeth James in Nirvana White (1 oz)- Like I said before all the beauty bloggers where buying it so I HAD to buy it. If you like more floral scents like me then this one is right up your street with Peony, Musk and Muguet fragrances combined. If you don’t like the floral scent then I would defo recommend the Elizabeth James in Nirvana Black ! Oh yes how did I not mention this perfume is designed by the famous twins Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen ! This made it more of a bonus to purchase it. I actually don’t even want to think about when the product runs out what am I going to do ?  Think I’ll save this for special occasions.

http://www.sephora.com/nirvana-white-P383912?skuId=1570225photo 1-2

Hope the beauty lovers and makeup addicts like me loved reading this post !

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February Favourites 2015

Hiya my lovelies, todays blog post is going to be a February favourites (how many times have I said “todays blog post is going to be ……” countless of times) I’m on a roll and have been giving good content (I think) and producing blog post quite often this month. This month I have been buying a lot of new beauty products and I am going to tell you about them. I’ve not been to keen on clothes but its all about the beauty about the beauty no clothing (see what I did there ??) yes I try to be funny but most of the time it fails ! These are my monthly favourites (p.s. I have included 4 beauty products this month)


photo 1-85

St Ives Apricot Scrub- This scrub is so ideal for me due to having sensitive skin, I have used this every single day without fail after purchasing this through out this month. I use this to double cleanse and take my makeup off so my face is spot free. The tiny exfoliating beads work wonders and leaves you skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.

photo 2-84

Lip Scrub – This lip scrub was a limited edition one for Valentines Day from Lush ! This product works wonder it removes all the dead skin and leaves your lips soft. Basically it does what its set out to do. As you can you see this product has been well-loved and I have used it every single day without fail !

photo 5-44

Mac 217 Brush – This Mac 217 OMG if this came in a set just of Mac 217 brushes I would buy the whole set ! It blends in your eyeshadow and concealer really well, like Lilly Pebbles says “use windscreen wiper motions to blend in”. Currently I am using this to blend in my concealer and it does the trick. I usually blend it in with this brush and then I pat my concealer in with my ring finger. This is one product I would definitely recommend to buy or invest in. I need to buy more !!!

photo 4-55

Real Techniques Buffing brush – This brush leaves your skin looking flawless. (“I woke up flawless”) the more you blend your foundation with this brush the more the foundation looks like your skin but better with a touch of glow. This came in a set and for high street brushes these are the best ones. If you’ve just started wearing makeup and you want to invest in good brushes these are the ones YOU need to buy !

photo 1-86

Bobbi Brown Blush – Slopes 17 – I wanted an everyday blush with no shimmer and again I have been using it non stop throughout the month of February! The camera doesn’t do this blush justice, the colour of the blush is a dusky rose and it is very pigmented and I have used this countless of times and still haven’t hit pan. A little of this blusher goes a long way although this blusher is build able.


photo 3-73

Dorothy Perkins Shoe Boots – I had my eye on these shoe boots as soon as they came out and waited till the Christmas sales to buy them. These heels are amazingggggg !!! I can walk miles in these also I could even run they’re just so comfortable. I’m so glad I bought them. Yes I walked in London with these on and my feet where absolutely fine.



London – London is the place to be. Whoever lives in London and is reading this blog post let me tell you I am one jealous girl. There’s so much things to do, your day just goes! The shops are open till late, you get more varieties there the list is endless but let me not bore you !  London is life !


App – Tube Map London Underground –  Before visiting London this time I was like oh no I have to get the tube but I’ve completely forgot how to read the tube map what am I going to do ???? This app was a life saver, you just type in the places you want to go from start to finish and it comes up with an itinerary explaining how many stops away, which stops you should get off and how long will the journey take. If you’re not a Londoner like me I defiantly recommend you get this app

photo 2-2

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Mini London Beauty Haul

Hiya my lovelies, today’s post is going to be a mini beauty haul. I recently went to London (some of you may know from my previous post!) I wanted to pick up beauty products that are unique and that you can’t find locally so I did by research before I went. I had a long list but unfortunately some of the products where out of stock 😦 and I received horrible service from the MAC store in Covent Garden the sales assistant was very rude (I will not be going their again) however I am happy with the other products I bought. So let me show you the products :


photo 2-83

The first stop was hitting Topshop’s Beauty section on Oxford St and I heard that they stock things you wouldn’t  find anywhere. Thanks to Viviannadoesmakeup this mascara looked amazing and I heard really good reviews about it. There was no urming and aring before buying this, this mascara was sold to me straight away. The mascara is the Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara and I have used this once and it leaves your eyelashes amazing with high impact and also it leaves your eyelashes fluttering away.


photo 3-72

The other thing that was on my long list of beauty buys was repurchasing my Nars creamy concealer (yes I know you can buy this from Manchester too!) but whilst I was in Selfridges browsing I thought I might as well pick it up ! I told the lady to colour match me because I was previously given the shade Ginger and it didn’t look right, so the lady who was very helpful recommended honey. This concealer is amazing, I blend it in with my Mac 217 brush and also pat it in with my ring finger.


photo 1-84

 I found this really cute Bioderma in a pharmacy named Zest (which is on Berwick St)thanks to Lilly Pebbles who wrote about where you can buy Bioderma from around London. This size of Bioderma was so cute I just had to get it there was no option. It so ideal as its mini and travel size worthy.

photo 4-4

I had other things on my long list of beauty must have’s but unfortunately as you know Mac Soar and Spice lip liner is out of stock everywhere ! I probably went to every Mac counter in London and they said the same thing “sorry its out of stock”

Oh well! I am happy with the beauty products I did buy and hopefully next time I go I can find some treasured beauty must haves in London

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London 2015

Hiya my lovelies, yes I have been doing the disappearing act haven’t I ? Well it is for good reasons I promise you! My saying is “only do something when you put a 100% in” and I don’t want to give you guys content that you will not enjoying reading! I like to please all of you from my different variety of blog posts. Last week I had the time of my life (I always say this whenever I go anywhere LOL!) I visited London from university to source fabric for a project that I have to do at university ! We had ALOT and I mean a lot that’s why I wrote it in capital letters free time. I think to have a good time anywhere in the world you have to spend money this can be £10 or even £100. I am going to tell you what I did in the three days whilst I was in London and how I fell in love with the city again which seriously felt like home!

DAY 1:

It was time to hit Oxford St along with Regent St ! Time to break the bank at Selfridges (that was the first stop) I did love Oxford St the only problem was it was school holidays so it was too too overcrowded unless it’s just me not being used to the BIGGGG crowds! After Oxford St it was time to go to Liberty’s (which was like a maze) it’s a really nice place just to browse and look at everything. The first day everyone gets so tired so me and my friend wanted to have a relaxed evening so we opted to go to a restaurant in Canary Wharf called Temple Lounge and this was really pretty because it was right outside the riverside !

photo 1-82

Selfridges on Oxford St

photo 2-81

Liberty’s On Regent St

photo 3-70

Oxford Circus tube station

photo 4-51

Temple Lounge Food

photo 5-42

Canary Wharf at night (looks so pretty)

DAY 2:

It was actually time to do fabric sourcing on Berwick St (off Oxford St) and WOW this street is amazing, the only downside is the prices which are sky-high and you can find the same fabrics elsewhere, this is where Goldhawk Rd (Shepherds Bush) came in handy, they had the same fabrics at the fraction of the price. Once we sourced fabric we decided to eat at a street food place called Imbli St which was nice, then the FUN part came ! It was time to hit Harrods and get fascinated by ALL the amazing stuff and just think to myself ONE DAY I will be able to afford things from here (Inshallah.) After going from other sides of London this is where we (I mean me and my friends) wanted to treat ourselves and go to a nice area to eat at night and have the time of our lives and ended up in Mayfair and WOW nice isn’t the right word it was AMAZINGGGGGGGG ! The place we went to was Mamounia Lounge

photo 1-83

Berwick St

photo 2-82

Imbli St

photo 4-52

The famous Old Harrods

photo 3-71

Laudrée  in Harrods

photo 5-43

Mamounia Lounge

DAY 3:

This was a very relaxed day because it was the last day 😦 the day consisted of visiting the design museum for an exhibition. After this was done it was a very relaxed day exploring Covent Gardens and a very sad goodbye to London and travelling back up north


Exhibition at the Design Museum

Burberry Beauty Store

The Burberry Beauty Store at Covent Garden

That was my amazing trip to London and I wish to visit London very very soon ! Hope you all enjoyed this blog post and me rambling on about how much fun I had

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